Embedded Software

An embedded system is any computer system hidden inside a product other than a desktop, laptop, mainframe or similar computer system.

Embedded software is the software running on that computer. It is responsible for ensuring usability etc. of the product. It is an important parameter in differentiating products and adding benefits to elevate customer value and user experience and expand the usability of the product.

Examples of benefits are:

  • Intuitive user interaction via e.g. touch screens
  • Minimization of energy consumption
  • Supervisory control in order to maximize availability
  • Data acquisition for e.g. documentation purposes

We cover the following domains within embedded software:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Motion Control
  • Control and Data Acquisition
  • Industrial Bus Communication
  • GSM Data Services

Industrial Automation

By automating industrial processes accurate control of various parameters can be obtained.

Automation in e.g. welding processes could add benefits, like accurate control of speed, weld stress and weld.

Motion Control

Motion is most often controlled by motors. By controlling speed and torque, specific operation characteristics can be complied with enabling applications like those shown above to be controlled.

Control and Data Acquisition

Combining control and data acquisition enables closed loop control performance. By acquiring and processing signals from various sensors, control commands are synthesized and issued to change some operational conditions. However, in many processes the sensor signals are not used as feedback signals in which case the control principle is open loop.

As an example, flow of liquids can be controlled accurately by measuring and using flow data to adjust some set points of the pump.

Industrial Bus Communication

Industrial communication busses are used to connect a number of controlling and controlled devices in a
network. One obvious advantage is fewer cables and reduced installation costs.

GSM Data Services

GSM data services use the wireless GSM telecommunication system to transmit data.
Typically, data acquisition of some kind is part of the responsibility of embedded software running on the
computer in an independent device. Acquired data are transmitted in one direction, and control commands are issued from e.g. a personal computer after having processed received data, and transmitted in the other direction.


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